Concert Stage Manager

Roman has worked as a freelance concert stage manager and event manager with venues and orchestras around London, including the BBC live events team (BBC Proms), the Royal Opera House, BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Barbican, London Philharmonic Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra and English National Opera, and currently works in the music department of the Royal National Theatre. He specialises in score-reading and cueing of technical effects to an orchestral score.

Music Preparation & Keyboard Programming

I am a copyist and engraver for a number of other musicians, composers and publishing houses, and am an experienced keyboard programmer in Mainstage and hardware rigs. I have edited audio and music for a number of years (many examples of which can be found on my soundcloud, the most significant being my recent album).

Musicology and Research

MMus Research Essay – Music as Sound: Applying ideas of schizophonia and soundscaping to music for the narrative

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Honours research thesis – Music for Plays: Towards a theatrical musicology

Read more , Excerpted into a journal-style article Music in Theatre

Theatre Scores

This new edition of Egmont presents the Goethe classic in combination with the reduced full incidental score by Ludwig van Beethoven.
Peer Gynt
This new edition of Peer Gynt presents the Ibsen classic in combination with the reduced full score by Edvard Grieg.
A Midsummer Night's Dream
This new edition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream presents the Shakespeare play in combination with the reduced piano score of the full music by Felix Mendelssohn.