Music as Sound

This was the research paper I wrote for my masters, again about music in the theatre, looking at music through the lens of a physical sound phenomenon. Music as Sound: Applying ideas of schizophonia and soundscaping to music for the narrative theatre [gview file=”” save=”0″]


This piece proved a complicated one to fit together, as the composition process involved reconciling disparate and contrasting elements that were to be played concurrently. Having looked at the other pieces I had written this year I noticed a tendency to move to ternary-style or recapitulative structures. In order to challenge myself and learn through… Continue reading un/winding


When faced with the combination of violin and piano to write a duet for I began by exploring the various modes of composition that have been used for this well-established combination. I knew that for this piece I wanted to write something that was more tonal, and so I looked at idiomatic works for this… Continue reading QdHCdF


Sung by Chloe Schaaf, with a text by Dan Eltringham. This piece operates within a restricted field of pitch and structure. The song is structured using palindromes and uses a simple 5-note pitch set, which is transposed later in the piece. The starting point for this piece was the instrumentation. I already knew the voice… Continue reading VOX-BOX

…out of silence…

This piece was written in response to the choreography of Joseph Toonga. We wanted to create something that had a sense of space and of flexibility. Not meditative in mood but having that same quality of freedom and reflection. This piece was written in a very organic way, with ideas developed at the keyboard and… Continue reading …out of silence…


From the outset I wanted this work to have a mechanical quality, mirroring the hardness and mechanical nature of the instruments used. In addition to using the pianos and percussion in a mechanical way I wanted to explore the resonance and post-strike- shaping of their non-sustained sounds. The musical material for the various sections of… Continue reading Entanglement

One Legged Waltz

Written in the last year of school, One-Legged Waltz is a quirky two minute work that aims to surprise. I wrote it to be fun and bouncy, inspired by Eastern European Cafe Music, and certainly not to be danced to!

Out of Silence

This work began as a contemporary dance score, and went through several iterations before settling in its current form. This version of the work is substantially different from its original dance form, but keeps the sense of lightness and of kinetic energy that the dance gave it. The work should be performed with a sense… Continue reading Out of Silence


Sacred Mass for SATB choir and organ accompaniment. [gview file=””]

Towards a Theatrical Musicology

This is the shorter article based on my thesis. [gview file=””]